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It’s Not Too Late

While we cannot guarantee that a parcel will get to you or your loved ones in time for Christmas, we do have gift vouchers.  On request we can email you a printable version to place in a card (some cutting required). Order a gift voucher for that game loving person then tell them about our […]


Last Order Date 17 December

Hi all, due to the high volumes that the Couriers receive at this time of the year, the deadline for Christmas delivery is this Monday the 17th of December.  All orders received on or before the 17th will be dispatched on the 18th and should reach you before Santa drops down the chimney. We will […]

Dice and Fork

Dice and Fork

Seriously Board is delighted to introduce a Games, Bar and Eatery in Auckland.  Opening this week 22nd to 25th of November, Dice and Fork is situated at 210-218 Victoria St West, Freeman’s Bay.   Seriously Board has had the pleasure of supplying many of the games at Dice and Fork and through the journey we […]


At Board Games by the Bay

What a fun day we had yesterday at Board Games by the Bay in Auckland! We got to talk to so many people who love games like us. We caught up with Nat and Dave (who looked rested and happy) and had the pleasure of selling games to people who then opened them up and […]


Coming to Board Games By the Bay

We are thrilled to be having a stall at Boardgames by the Bay this weekend.  Have you got your tickets? Carl de Visser, one of the co-creators of Endeavour: Age of Sails, is kindly allowing us to sell 6 copies of this game at the awesome price of $120! We will also have 4 copies of Dueling […]


Newsletter Submissions Requested

So, we had been running Seriously Board for two weeks when we got an email asking for our newsletter articles.  As you may have guessed, we were unprepared. We are coming up to the next newsletter request (in a week’s time) and we would love your help. Our goal is to create three categories for […]


Gaia Project

Seriously Board is pleased to announce a new Z-Man game in our inventory. Gaia Project is a Terra Mystica style game of terraforming and building, only this time it’s in Space. Now we love Terra Mystica and we have played Gaia Project twice now. What can I say? We work hard here at Seriously Board. […]


Caverna adventures

We enjoy roleplaying as well as playing board games. At present we play 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons every Sunday evening. I play a dwarven cleric named Bronaugh. We played Caverna recently and I loved the adventuring aspect that is so familiar to all roleplayers. Caverna is a worker placement game like Agricola. It has […]