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Naked Delivery in Hamilton

Yes, you read it right.  If you live in Hamilton, we will hand deliver your games on weekends …without the packaging.  This is better for the environment which is good for everyone. To sweeten the deal, if you qualify for free delivery (spend $125 or over) we will give you 5% off your total spend.  If […]


Games with Friends

Games with friends is such a great way to enjoy a weekend.  We went to Taranaki last weekend and played some fun games.  We taught Architects of the West Kingdom, learnt and played Thunderbirds and played some games of the Days of Wonder’s latest game The River. We will try and put up some reviews […]


Why Purchase from Seriously Board?

We have just received our first email reminder about this year’s Board Games by the Bay.  In it were advertisements from supporters of BGBTB. It made me realise that you as consumers have so many choices as far as who to purchase your board games from.  So why should you choose Seriously Board? Here are […]


Fun Day at Dice and Fork

We had the pleasure of meeting friends at Dice and Fork on Saturday.  If you live in Auckland and haven’t gone to Dice and Fork yet, I would definitely recommend it.  Located in the centre of Auckland this Games, Bars and Eatery is awesome! We played a couple of games, Architects of the West Kingdom […]


Seriously Board now with Laybuy

That big game too much for this week’s paycheck (yeah, we’re looking at you Gloomhaven)? Seriously Board has a new payment option that might help. Laybuy allows you to get that big game now, and spread that big payment over 6 weeks – interest free! To use Laybuy, place you order via our website as usual. […]


New Social Games (January 2019)

  Looking for something a little less serious? New this month are these social games: Cards Against Humanity: Blue Box The Blue Box contains 300 cards you can add to your deck of Cards Against Humanity, allowing you to eat whatever you want without gaining any weight. Cards Against Humanity: Green Box The Green Box […]


Rejoice! Gloomhaven has returned

Yes, the wait is over – Gloomhaven is back in stock. Q: What is Gloomhaven? A1: Gloomhaven is an evolving campaign game of dungeon crawling tactical combat and exploration for 1-4 players in a high fantasy setting. A2: Gloomhaven is a huge, 10kg, beast of a boardgame. A3: Gloomhaven is number 1 on Board Games […]


New Serious Games (January 2019)

Here at Seriously Board the New Year shipments are rolling in. New to store this month are these seriously serious games: AuZtralia Build a port, construct railways, mine and farm for food in AuZtralia. You’ll need to prepare for the awakening of the Old Ones. You’ll need to fight. Betrayal Legacy Betrayal Legacy is a […]


Guest Review: Root

Last October we posted a callout to gamers to write reviews for our Newsletter.  The Newsletter format is limited to 50 to 100 words (a specification we forgot to mention – oops).  However, if we receive a larger submission we will post an abbreviated taster in the Newsletter and the full version on this blog. […]