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Naked Delivery in Hamilton

Yes, you read it right.  If you live in Hamilton, we will hand deliver your games on weekends …without the packaging.  This is better for the environment which is good for everyone. To sweeten the deal, if you qualify for free delivery (spend $125 or over) we will give you 5% off your total spend.  If […]


Games with Friends

Games with friends is such a great way to enjoy a weekend.  We went to Taranaki last weekend and played some fun games.  We taught Architects of the West Kingdom, learnt and played Thunderbirds and played some games of the Days of Wonder’s latest game The River. We will try and put up some reviews […]


Why Purchase from Seriously Board?

We have just received our first email reminder about this year’s Board Games by the Bay.  In it were advertisements from supporters of BGBTB. It made me realise that you as consumers have so many choices as far as who to purchase your board games from.  So why should you choose Seriously Board? Here are […]


Fun Day at Dice and Fork

We had the pleasure of meeting friends at Dice and Fork on Saturday.  If you live in Auckland and haven’t gone to Dice and Fork yet, I would definitely recommend it.  Located in the centre of Auckland this Games, Bars and Eatery is awesome! We played a couple of games, Architects of the West Kingdom […]