Updates 170309_WP

New to Store and Restock Updates

We have some exciting new titles just in stock: The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire: a new resource management and worker placement science themed game in the same line as The Manhattan Project, with a slightly less controversial theme! Burgle Bros.: the third offering from the talented designer of Paperback, this game provides unique play aspects […]

Away Feb

Temporary Site Closure

Seriously Board will be closed and not accepting any orders from 5.00 pm Thursday 16 Feb until 5.00 pm Friday the 3 March. We are on vacation! We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and we hope you come back in March. We’ll be on a road trip round the South Island, with a […]

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New listings – games and expansions!

After a slow start to the year we’ve had a flurry of new games coming in and more to come yet. We have new games in: Bethel Woods: the new easy to learn but hard to win cooperative game from Garphill Games, fresh outta Kickstarter. Food Chain Magnate: a true gamer’s game, this monster comes […]

Seriously Board closed 17 Feb – 5 Mar

Seriously Board will be going on holiday in the last weeks of February! From 17 Feb – 5 Mar we will be travelling down south on vacation and the website will be closed during that time. We are doing some road tripping, rail trailing and just nothinging. Hopefully all in the sun of summer and […]


Game and Stock Updates – January 2017

Updating you about the pending progress of new and restocked games coming into New Zealand and Seriously Board. Dominion 2nd Edition Imminent Robinson Crusoe (restocks) Imminent Scythe (restock) Restock due 11 Jan Terraforming Mars Restock Due 13 Jan Suburbia Restock Due 13 Jan The Grizzled On the way 31 Jan A Feast for Odin Restock […]