Seriously Board is a place to buy board games online in New Zealand, but it's more than that. We're also part of the New Zealand board game community and we play a lot.
Perhaps too much.

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Someone likes us!

Supply and Demand

People have been wondering what is going on with some much anticipated games of out of the ever expanding Star Wars franchise – Star Wars: Imperial Assault and Star Wars: Armada. We thought you might like to know what is going on and what Seriously Board is doing in relation to these games. Star Wars: […]

Where are we going to put them?

Boxes full of games sitting around everywhere! We have just received in some key restocks as well as some games we have never listed before. We have some exciting new titles just listed: XCOM Pandemic: Cure Lords of Xidit Splendor Eight Minute Empire: Legends Elder Sign: Unseen Forces Descent: Guardians of Deephall We have also […]